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Proudly Built and FULLY TESTED in Canada!

Here At Kobois we can offer you any voltage and Amp hours (AH) that you desire for any of your E-Bike projects, We also will customize our “Trellis”(manufactured in our shop located just outside of Montreal) to match the shape of your bikes cavity so that you can optimize space, all at no extra charge! Call us for details and pricing on any pack from 24V12AH all the way up to 96V45AH and more.Call us before purchasing any pack even directly from China,(to be clear we are located in Canada and ships from Canada) and we will show you that our packs are of a far SUPERIOR BUILD  as well as being almost the same in cost taking into account ALL shipping and hidden brokers fees that are charged when receiving your pack.



All our chargers are from 6 to 8 amps,made from aluminum which is perfect to dissipate heat,most chargers on the market today are only 2 amps and are plastic. In the past it was thought that the lower the amps the better for the longevity of the battery pack,,when in fact its best to charge at relatively higher amps for the new packs that are offered today, when packs are 24 or 36V at say 8 amp hours then a 2 AMP charger is ok,,but when you have larger packs that are say 36V22AH or 72V17AH then it is far more preferable to have a high end charger that is capable of 6 or 8 amps.



48V17AH Kobois Battery Pack
48V17AH Kobois Battery Pack

WE Guarantee our packs Canadian assembled and tested,every cell in every pack is individually tested for full capacity and does not need any BMS when charged with our chargers  and used in conjunction with our Cell loggers (supplied with every pack). If for any reason certain cells are under performing we will replace said cells to be installed in the pack. We do not Guarantee fully discharged packs or packs that have surpassed their low voltage cut-off (LVC). Any time a battery pack is in use it should be used in conjunction with a Cycle Analyst which clearly shows the packs overall Voltage at all times which is critical in knowing the packs STATE OF CHARGE (SOC). Once you are familiar with a PACKS overall performance it is very easy to maintain a trouble free pack for years to come.

HERE is our 1 minute Care and maintenance instructions : (always charge your pack at the end of each ride regardless if you rode 10kms or 80kms,there is 0 memory effect on todays batteries and they will give you many years of service by charging more often than not.)

  1. At the beginning of any ride it is important to note the voltage of your pack. In the case of a 48V20AH pack you will have a starting voltage of 57V to 58V.
  2. During the course of your ride you will see the VOLTS slowly fall (the less amperage your CA is set to, the slower the voltage drop, the longer your ride) I.E. if you set the CA at 10 amps you will have a huge amount of range( 70 to 100kms) and the volts will fall slowly during the course of your ride,,if your set to 20 AMPS your range will fall to apx 50 to 58 kms per ride and needless to say your volts will fall at a faster rate.
  3. By simply checking your voltage once in a while during your ride you will be easily able to judge when you are reaching your LOW VOLTAGE CUT-OFF which in the case of a 48V pack is between 48V and 46.2V. Ideally it is best to stop your ride at 48V to preserve easily the Balance function of your pack.Once you reach 48V it is time to charge your pack.
  4. Apx once a month simply plug in your Cell Logger and read each channel of your pack after a ride and after a full charge,,,you should see all channels at the same voltage,,,if there is a voltage difference of more than apx 5{b123213f2feb6cf21bff97cff8e933cd765c27e429ca2baa9f86fdae2e1ef446} I.E. there are 14 BANKS of batteries in a 48V pack,,if 13 banks register 4.14V and one BANK only registers 13.9V ,then that bank of cells must be individually tested to see if one cell in that bank of cells is defective,,,(one cell will most certainly read a lower voltage than the other cells in that bank and it is that cell that has to be replaced. )

Basically thats it! Follow the 4 easy steps above and there is no need for the use of a BMS in our packs.

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