Welcome to our new site, we are very proud to offer our new Ebike frame specially designed to allow anybody to create their own electric bike from scratch, allowing your choice of motors,batteries,components,lighting systems etc.

You can buy our full ready to assemble kits or just the frame and ride it as a regular bike until you are ready to upgrade to a motor kit. Its basically the ultimate bike to own that can be converted to an electric at any time in the future.

We offer all parts and accessories for a COMPLETE BUILD, the kit can be purchased in "sections", first you have the frame, then all the components such as the handlebar,crankset,bottom bracket,rear derailleur, shifter chain, disk Brake KIT,etc.then the full motor kit,and of course the battery kit.

Crystalyte Brand Motors



We offer full high end motor kits starting at $659.95 which includes our programmable APM Display,this allows you to input the amount of amps delivered to your motor,thus allowing full control over how much power you want for your rides as well as different range possibilities.


About our Batteries


LifePo4 Batteries

Lithium Battery chemistry LifePo4, long gone are the days of weak very heavy lead acid batteries which basically are terrible for electric bikes.These headway brand batteries offer unparalleled performance in energy and safety all rolled into one package. Our 72v15AH Kit delivers amazing performance with 50+ kms per hr speed (30MPH) all while delivering an astounding 70kms real world range,at a cost of less than 10 cents a charge. Be sure to check your local Ebike restrictions and obey all traffic laws.See all our BATTERY KITS HERE:


All NEW Light Kits!



Check our high end LIGHT KITS,with up to 6000 lumens, the road ahead is sure to be bright.